LACUNA/AE. Identity and Modern Architecture in Venice

Photography Exhibition
The exhibition is ideated by Eleonora Milner and curated by Elena Caslini and Eleonora Milner. Eleven rooms will display about 100 photographs documenting the architecture of former industrial sites in Venice, most of which were redeveloped in residential areas by some of the most famous Italian architects in the second half of the 20th Century. Some of these areas have been built ex novo on former swamplands; others were built on old, long decayed, enormous industrial complexes.
LACUNA/AE intends to investigate the relationship between man, the places he inhabits, the landscape and its historic transformations.

The venue
The Torre Massimiliana is located on the biggest island of the Venice lagoon, Sant Erasmus.  The tower used to be a military structure for controlling the entrance to the lagoon and had been abandoned for decades. Ten years ago was converted into a cultural centre.
The design of this project is part of a bigger plan for restoring all the island’s facilities.

28th May > 31st July 2016

Torre Massimiliana, Sant’Erasmo island, Venice
Free entry

Opening times
Wed — Fri, 3 pm — 7 pm
Sat — Sun, 11 am — 7 pm

Water bus

Actv Line 13 from F.te Nove to Capannone Stop
Actv Line 18 from Lido to Forte Massimiliano Stop

In collaboration with
Istituzione Parco della Laguna

With the participation of
Archivio della Comunicazione, Comune di Venezia

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